Baby and Child Carriers.

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We stock a good range of baby carriers for both use on the front and back, we have demonstration models available for you to try and a range of prices to suit all budgets, the front carriers we stock can be used with baby facing towards you and also baby facing the world when they get a bit older and can hold there own heads usually around 3 months.
Most carriers on the market may say suitable from birth but when you read the instructions it goes on weight with a minimum weight of 3.5kg, the maximum weight also varies from 9 – 15 kg. the Beco Gemini and the Wilkinet can also be used as a back carrier.
The less structured carriers, ‘wraps’ (Close and Papoozle) can be used from 2.5kg
The TotsBots Papoozle has to be the easiest  carrier to use of all the ones we stock
Most back carriers can be used from 6 months


One of the staff helping a customer choose the correct carrier



Our range of front carriers


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