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Car seat safety is very important here at baby direct, you can’t take anything for granted, not all seats fit in all cars even isofix seats and bases aren’t compatible with some cars. Fitting with a seat belt, common problems, seat belt not long enough, infant carriers / rearward facing car seat to upright, buckle not sitting correctly resulting in buckle crunching which is very dangerous, tight and secure fit impossible to achieve, fitting with isofix, while isofix fixings are standard on all cars and car seats, it doesn’t mean they’re compatible, the  angle of the seat, the shape of the seat, the head rest, the under storage box, even the angle which it puts the car seat at can make the car seat incompatible with your car, we have fitting lists supplied by our car seat manufactures which allow us to check this out for you. Have you acquired this seat from a friend or relative, check it hasn’t been in an accident, a slight hair line crack not visible to the eye can have devastating results in an accident, have you got the instructions, don’t rely on them showing you how to fit it, how do you know they’re doing it right, did they buy it from a reputable supplier  who checked and showed them how to fit it. finally if you change your car check the seat you have is compatibles with your new purchase.


car_seats_leeds_baby directA member of staff demonstrating the benefits of this car seat

kiddy_seat_leeds_baby_shopStaff trying a car seat in a customers car to check for a correct fit

Choosing the correct seat

Car Seats are structured in groups based on children’s weight. Because age alone is not an accurate way of choosing a car seat, an industry standard system also takes weight into account. Never buy a car seat that is too big and always make certain it is appropriate for your child’s weight – as only the correct seat can provide the right level of safety.

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When should you change the seat ?

Move from a Group 0+ to a Group 1 seat when your child can sit up unaided with confidence, exceeds the weight limit, or if their head is higher than the top of the infant carrier. · Move from a Group 1 to a Group 2-3 seat when the weight limit is exceeded, or you child’s eye-line is higher than the seat’s highest point.

The regulation ECE 44 specifies a rear facing position until the child weighs 10kg (Group 0) or 13kg (Group 0+). We recommend keeping a rear facing position as long as possible – until the child weighs 13kg or until the child’s head is above the infant carrier seat structure. This position can be kept for older children, up to 18kg (approximately 4 years) by using special rear facing seats.


Copy and paste this link into your browser for up to date info on using car seats


Then came i-size

The market leaders in smart travel solutions for children and babies, Maxi-Cosi has released the new 2wayPearl as part of the 2wayFamily car seat concept, for longer rearward facing travel.  Comprised of the ISOFIX 2wayFix Base, Pebble and i-Size compliant 2wayPearl, the 2wayFamily offers safe rear facing travel from birth right up to approximately 4 years of age. Providing perfect anchorage for both the i-Size 2wayPearl and Pebble, the ISOFIX Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix Base confirms the connection is secure with visible and audible verification. Complementing each other perfectly, the three elements of the 2wayFamily concept can be purchased separately to match your needs. Peace Of Mind With The 2wayPearl Offering improved protection at higher forces for side and front impact, the 2wayPearl is the first child car seat to comply with the new i-Size regulation. Retaining the rearward facing position for children up to the height of 105cm, the i-Size compliant car seat provides extra protection for as long as possible. Working with the 2wayFix Base, the Pebble and 2wayPearl can be securely installed using the ISOFIX installation points in your car. Secured with a simple click, the base gives an audio and visual indicator to confirm the correct installation. Ensuring full protection of your child during travel, the 2wayFamily products give complete peace of mind. • Maxi-Cosi Pebble – The Pebble car seat offers convenience and a top level of safety performance for babies from birth to approximately 1 year old. Featuring an easy to adjust headrest and harness, the Pebble’s harness stays conveniently open when baby is lifted in and out. Used in combination with the 2wayFix Base. This baby car seat provides a convenient click-and-go system when used with a base can be used in combination with many different brands of pushchairs to form a travel system.. • 2wayPearl – Providing optimal ease of use for toddlers aged from approximately 6 months to 4 years, the 2wayPearl features a stay open harness to get your child in and out with ease. Easily switched from forward to rearward facing with full recline options in both positions, the 2wayPearl is the first i-Size compliant to market.



A touch of luxury

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopBrown Major, real leather on the Pebble Plus

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopBrown Major, real leather on the 2Way Pearl

Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus

The newest Maxi-Cosi infant car seat is here! 

The latest edition to the Maxi-Cosi  i-Size Family is Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus. This infant car seat includes a comfortable baby-hugg inlay for a better fit and lying position for a new-born , alongside impact-absorbing material at the top side wings, this provides even extra protection from side impact collisions. Maxi-Cosi recommends using this car seat with the 2wayFix Base, providing the safest IsoFix installation and a highly convenient click-and-go system. 

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopConcrete Grey

maxicosi carseat babycarseat pebbleplus 2016 grey sparklinggreySparkling Grey

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRobin Red

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopNomad Green

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopNomad Blue

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopBlack Diamond

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopNomad Sand

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRed Orchid

Maxi-Cosi Pebble

 The Maxi-Cosi Pebble must always be fitted in a rearward facing position (in the opposite direction to the traffic flow) . NEVER place the Maxi-Cosi Pebble on a front seat if an airbag is fitted. The Maxi Cosi Pebble offers four options for installation: When used with the Maxi-Cosi 2Way Fix Base, the base attaches to the IsoFix anchor points. When used with the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix base, the base attaches to the IsoFix anchor points. When used without a base, using a regular 3-point car seat belt. Features Side Protection System offers optimal protection against side impact. Including support pillow and head support for younger babies. The height of the head rest and harness belts can be adjusted at the same time. Easy to take out and store away sun canopy due to the flexible rim. Group/weight class: Group 0+ For baby’s from 0-13 kg Birth until 12 months

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRobin Red

maxi cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopSparkling Grey

maxicosi_ carseat_babycarseat_pebble_baby direct_leedsConcrete Grey

maxicosi_ carseat_babycarseat_pebble_baby direct_leedsBlack Raven

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopBlack Diamond

 Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix

Offering excellent test ratings when used with the Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix, FamilyFix or EasyFix bases, the CabrioFix baby car seat is also approved according to the latest European safety standard ECE R44/04. Providing an additional upward position for extra legroom when used with the FamilyFix bases, the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix baby seat allows for longer and safer rearward facing travel.

For use 0 – 13 kgs (birth – 12 months)

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopNomad sand

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shop

Black Diamond

maxi cosi_car_seats_leeds_baby_shop_baby direct

Sparkling Grey

maxicosi_carseat_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRobin Red

maxicosi_carseat_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopBlack Raven

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopConcrete Grey

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopNomad Green

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopNomad Blue

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopTriangle Black

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRed Orchid

2wayPearl (i-Size)

Meet the safest toddler car seat in the Maxi-Cosi portfolio, the 2wayPearl. Offering extended rearward facing travel for children up to 105cm or approximately 4 years of age, the 2wayPearl is our first i-Size compliant car seat.

Maximum Safety Whilst Travelling With Our 2wayPearl Rear Facing Car Seat

If you are a looking for a rear facing toddler car seat, the 2wayPearl is the solution for you. The Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl i-Size car seat allows children to travel in the recommended rearward facing position for longer (to 105cm / approx 4 years old) to offer improved head and neck protection when travelling.

The 2WayPearl can also be used for forward facing travel from 15 months. Offering full recline options in both positions, this is one of our most flexible Maxi-Cosi car seats. Compact, safe and stylish, the 2wayPearl toddler seat will fit in almost every car with ease.

Installed in the car with the 2wayFix Base using the IsoFix fitting points in your car, the 2wayPearl toddler car seat is compatible most cars with IsoFix and all i-Size cars.

Maxi-cosi_car_seat_baby direct_leeds_baby-shop

River Blue

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_baby_shop_leeds

Concrete Grey

maxicosi_carseat_Baby direct_leeds_baby_shopBlack Raven

maxi cosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shop

Robin Red

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_baby_shop_leeds

Nomad Blue

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_baby_shop_leeds

Red Orchid

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_baby_shop_leedsBlack Diamond

maxi cosi_car_seats_leeds_baby_shop_baby directSparkling Grey

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_baby_shop_leedsTriangle Black

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_baby_shop_leedsNomad Sand

maxi-cosi_car_seats_baby direct_baby_shop_leedsNomad Green

Maxi-Cosi Pearl

The Maxi-Cosi Pearl is a forward facing toddler car seat with a five recline options and a compact design to fit into most cars. Easy to secure with IsoFix installation via the FamilyFix Base, it has light and sound confirmation of correct installation. Approved to the latest European safety standard ECE R44/04, the Maxi-Cosi Pearl has an innovative stay open harness system making securing your child fast and easy. Featuring an adjustable harness and headrest, the Pearl will grow with your child.  Easy to adjust at the front from a sitting to sleeping position, the Maxi-Cosi Pearl provides a safe and practical way of transporting your child, allowing you to relax and enjoy your trip.

The top rated Maxi-Cosi Pearl child seat is used with the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix Isofix Base, as part of the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix Collection.  Offering optimum IsoFix safety and ease of use from birth to 4 years, the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix Base will fit the Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Maxi-Cosi Pearl car seats. 


maxi-cosi_car_seat_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopTriangle Black

maxicosi@baby direct_leeds_baby_storeRiver Blue

maxicosi_carseat_leeds_baby_shop_baby directSparkling Grey

maxicosi_carseat_leeds_baby_shop_baby directBlack Diamond

maxicosi_carseat_leeds_baby_shop_baby directBlack Raven

maxicosi_carseat_bab direct_leeds_baby_shop

Concrete Grey

maxicosi_carseat_bab direct_leeds_baby_shopRobin Red

Maxi-Cosi Bases

Maxi-cosi_car_seat_baby direct_ leeds_baby_shop

EasyFix Base

Maxi-cosi_car_seat_baby direct_ leeds_baby_shop

FamilyFix Base

Maxi-cosi_car_seat_baby direct_ leeds_baby_shop

2wayfix Base

Maxi-Cosi Axissfix Plus

Safety turns easy, now from birth

The new Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Plus is a baby & toddler car seat which offers top safety and the convenience of the 360° rotation, from birth up to approx. 4 years.

The AxissFix Plus combines state-of-the-art safety performance, by complying with the latest i-Size car seat regulation (R129), and 360° rotation to offer you the best ease of use ever! The ISOFIX system enables a very easy and safe car seat installation, and the seat offers rear-facing travel up to approx. 2years (87cm) to enhance head & neck protection. On top of it, AxissFix Plus, grows with your child from birth (45cm) with its cozy enveloping inlay, up to approx. 4 years (105cm). It will take only a few seconds to secure your child facing you, and switch from rearward- to forward-facing in just a seat rotation.

Maxi cosi_axissfixplus_baby direct_leeds_baby_shop

Nomad Green

Maxi cosi_axissfixplus_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopNomad Blue

Maxi cosi_axissfixplus_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopTriangle Black

Maxi cosi_axissfixplus_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRed Orchid

Maxi cosi_axissfixplus_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopNomad Sand

Maxi cosi_axissfixplus_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopBlack Diamond

Maxi cosi_axissfixplus_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopBlack Raven

Maxi cosi_axissfixplus_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopConcrete Grey

Maxi cosi_axissfixplus_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRiver Blue

Maxi cosi_axissfixplus_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRobin Red

Maxi cosi_axissfixplus_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopSparkling Grey

Maxi-Cosi Tobi
The Maxi-Cosi Tobi is perfect for inquisitive toddlers. Its extra high position gives them a great view out of the car and when it’s time for a nap the comfortable recline position can be accessed from the front of the seat. Easy to use and install with the car’s three-point seat belt, the Tobi has colour indicators to confirm the right fit.
  • Forward facing toddler car seat
  • High sitting position allows your child to see the world through the car window
  • Easy to place your child in the seat with the innovative spring loaded harness system; the harness and belt buckle no longer get in the way
  • Side Protection System offers the best possible protection against side impacts 
  • Easy front access recline mechanism –  5 positions from sitting to sleeping 
  • Install in the car with a 3-point seat belt 
  • Easy to access belt routing for accurate fitting
  • Colour indicator confirms child is securely fastened in seat 
  • Belt tensioning system tightens car seat belt for extra solid fit 
  • Headrest and harness height adjust easily together (7 positions)
  • One-pull adjustment of harness 
  • Approved to the latest European safety standard ECE R44/04
  • Suitable for 9 months to 4 years approx (9 – 18kg)

maxicosi_carseats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shop

Sparkling Grey

MaxiCosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRiver Blue

maxicosi_carseats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopOrigami Black

MaxiCosi_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopBlack Raven

maxicosi_carseat_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRobin Red

maxicosi_carseats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopConcrete Grey

Maxi_cosi_car_seats_Baby direct_leeds_baby_shopBlack Crystal

kiddy_car seats_baby direct_leeds

Kiddy car seats can now be purchased on line from our Kiddy store at baby direct, just click on the link below.

Kiddy evoluna i-size

The KIDDY Evoluna i-Size infant carrier has been approved to meet the new ECE R 129 (‘i-Size’) safety standards and provides maximum protection for a baby or young toddler up to 83cm tall approx 15 months of age. The Evoluna i-Size is packed with state of the art technology to protect a child in the event of an impact, but also to protect their health and development. This offers the child all round protection, with double the peace of mind for you. 

This ultimate in child safety has been proven in independent tests. A prestigious Which? Best Buy was awarded in 2016 after the Evoluna i-Size achieved the highest ever score for a Group 0+ R129 infant carrier. ADAC and Stiftung Warentest also declared the Evoluna i-Size as their test winner (05/2016) and awarded a ‘very good’ quality seal. 

The Evoluna i-Size is the only lie-flat i-Size infant carrier in the world. The seat can be moved into a healthy lie-flat position which keeps the infant’s head, neck and body inline, and maintains an open airway. This position facilitates maximum blood oxygen saturation and give optimal support to the baby’s developing spine, neck and back as they stretch out after months curled up in the womb.

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shop

This seat is sold with the isofix base in the box and can’t be used in the car without it.

Kiddy evolutionpro2

Comfort- like in bed,  in the baby carrier „evolution pro 2“ provides maximum body support and breathing function. Thanks to the particularly flat lying angle, baby can sleep healthily and relaxed while using the baby carrier outside the car, it even lays flat when placed on a pushchair chassis.
An independent Testing commission with medicine and science experts has tested and confirmed the ergonomic advantage for the baby. And has awarded Kiddy evolution pro2 with AGR seal of quality (Association Forum
Healthy Back).
Thanks to the KLF Technology the kiddy baby carrier has particularly flat, ergonomically   valuable lying position. Both midwives and pediatricians advise: parents shouldn’t transport their children in a baby carrier for too long.
The hunched position causes a heavy load for  child’s soft bones and spine. The bent legs may press on the stomach and lungs and breathing will be difficult.
‘This bent sitting position may be life-threatening in some cases’, said dr Jörg Schriever, representative for children accidents from Pediatricians Professional Organization in the issue of ÖKO-Test  „Spezial Baby 2014”.


Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopEvolutionpro2 with isofix base, optional 

The Evolutionpro 2,  and Evoluna i-size come in all the 8 colourways shown here, there are some more colours at a discounted price in our Kiddy shop, see link at top of this Kiddy section.

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopNougat Brown

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopOcean Petrol

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopOnyx Black

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopLime Green

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRuby Red

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopSteel Grey

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopNight Blue

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRoyal Purple

Why choose a seat with a shield?

Because children sustain less injuries in the event of an accident, because the top half of body takes the strain where as children in 5 point harnesses the neck takes all the strain.

Call into store for more information and try your child in one of our test seats.

Kiddy  Phoenixfix 3

Suitable for children age 9 months -4 yrs 9-18kg

The Kiddy Phoenixfix 3 is packed with innovative safety features including a Kiddy Shock Absorber; optimised side geometry; and high performance HoneyComb V2 materials. The enhanced Kiddy Original Impact Shield meets the requirements of the new tougher ECE-R44/04 ‘Supplement 7′ roll over test. The Phoenixfix 3 grows with the child: the 5 position headrest and 4 position leg support can be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit. The new K-fix+ connectors are longer for easier installation, and facilitate a greater angle of recline for a sleeping child. The K-fix+ connectors also have a sliding function which pushes the seat away from the door in the event of a side impact. 

  • Conforms to the new stricter ECE R44/04 safety standards
  • Approved for use in aircraft

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shop

Kiddy  guardianfix 3

Suitable for use from approx 9 months to 12 years, 9-36kg

The new impact shield system from Kiddy provides perfect protection especially for small children (approx 9 months to 3 years). Additional functions such as a deeper reclined position; an adjustable 5 position leg rest to provide comfort; and enhanced security, thanks to the superb adjustability and ergonomics; will all mean that a child will travel in ultimate safety. A new eye level indicator built into the head rest is a visible reminder every journey, to ensure the child always has the perfect head support.

Approved for use in aircraft

Choice of 8 colourways


Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shop

Kiddy Crusierfix 3

Suitable for children 15 – 36kg, approx 3 – 12 years

This brand new Group 2/3 seat boasts unrivalled safety and comfort features. There is an adjustable leg rest to provide comfort; padded fabrics and excellent head support for a quick snooze.

The Cruiserfix 3 grows with the child and adapts perfectly in width and height. The eye level indicator built into the head rest. shows exactly where the head rest needs to be to ensure a perfect fit. This means that a child will travel in ultimate safety every journey, thanks to the superb adjustability and ergonomics. 

A particular safety feature on this car seat are the K-fix+ connectors. These have a unique sideways movement. Should an accident occur from the side, the seat has the ability to be pushed inwards, away from the door, to keep your child away from the impact zone. This offers excellent protection for your child. The sideways movement of the K-fix+ connectors also allows the seat to slide sideways for easier buckling up which is very helpful if you have three children on the rear seat.

Approved for use in aircraft.

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shop

The Guardianfix 3, , Phoenixfix 3and Crusierfix 3 are available in the 8 colourways shown below,

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopOcean Petrol

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_west yorkshire_baby_shopNight Blue

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_west yorkshire_baby_shopNougat Brown

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_west yorkshire_baby_shopLime Green

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_west yorkshire_baby_shopSteel Grey

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_west yorkshire_baby_shopOnyx  Black

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_west yorkshire_baby_shopRoyal Purple

Kiddy_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_west yorkshire_baby_shopRuby Red

recaro_baby direct_leeds_baby_shop

This seat is soon to be replaced with 2 new models, watch this space, however as we still think this is a really good seat we will continue to sell it while stocks last.

recaro_car seats_baby direct_leeds_baby-shop

Recaro Privia

With only 3.7 kg one of the lightest seats in its class

HERO safety system – shoulder paddings, belts and headrest are combined in one unit

- Optimal safety and maximum comfort for neck, head and shoulders. – Belts won‘t get twisted – Pleasantly soft textiles prevent skin irritations – Insert cushion included: Perfect for newborn babies

  • RECARO Advanced Side Protection (ASP) guarantees special protection in the event of a side impact

- One-Hand-Touch: Adjusting the belt height with one simple hand movement – Click and Go: Easily unlock the seat from the RECARO fix base with the lever on the backside – Big, intuitive elements: for easy and comfortable handling – New, more ergonomic handle: makes carrying the seat more comfortable than ever – Dream team: Compatible with the new RECARO fix base

  • Breathable RECARO tex covers: The newly developed textiles are pleasantly soft and yet extremely durable; easy to remove and washable at 30°C 


recaro_car_seats_baby_shop_leeds_baby directrecaro_car_seats_baby_shop_leeds_baby direct

The Optia and Optiafix are only available in the original colours, please enquire in store


As the next stage seat RECARO offers the group I seat, Optia. It is compatible with the RECARO fix base and stands out not only through the modern design but also due to its safety features. The HERO safety system, innovative side impact protection (ASP) and RECARO SMARTfit elements for particularly easy handling, guarantee maximum safety for children up to approximately 4.5 years.


  • Easy and safe installation in combination with RECARO fix base
  • Also available as Optiafix with integrated RECARO base
  • Colour indicators show correct installation 

Innovative HERO Safety System

  • Shoulder paddings, belts and headrest form one unit
  • No slipping or twisting of the shoulder pads and belts
  • Soft fabrics prevent skin irritation 

Advanced Side Protection (ASP)

  • High performance energy absorbers for better protection in the event of a side impact
  • Foldable side protection for space saving installation
  • Seat shell cast in one piece for additional safety

RECARO SMARTfit Comfort System

  • Intuitive control elements for easy and safe handling
  • 6 position height adjustable headrest
  • Easy adjustment of the recline positions with one hand


recaro_car_seats_baby_shop_leeds_baby directrecaro_car seats_baby direct_baby_shop_leeds

RECARO Optiafix


Same seat as Optia but with an integrated isofix base, for those of you who who didn’t have the Privia on a base to start.


recaro_car_seats_baby_shop_leeds_baby direct


Copy and paste this link into your browser, to see what this seat can do.

Birth – 105cm, approx four years old (maximum 18kg)

R129 (i-Size)

Can be used rear facing for the duration (up to 105cm / 4 years old), or after the child reaches 15 months old or 75cm the seat can be put in the forward facing positon.

360° rotatable child seat allows for easier access when securing or removing the child

ISOfix only installation (Permanently integrated isofix base)

Mechanical indicators confirm the correct installation with an easy view panel

5-point HERO harness system

Removable insert cushion for newborns which can be reduced as the baby grows before removing completely  (suitable

Side impact protection

Five recline positions (All recline positions can be used rearward or forward facing and during rotation)

Six position height adjustable headrest

Intuitive one hand operations

RECARO new collection fabrics

Machine washable covers at 30°C

Recaro_zero1_car_seat_Baby direct_leeds_baby_shop

Recaro_zero1_car_seat_Baby direct_leeds_baby_shop

Recaro_zero1_car_seat_Baby direct_leeds_baby_shopXenon Blue

Recaro_zero1_car_seat_Baby direct_leeds_baby_shopAluminium Grey

Recaro_zero1_car_seat_Baby direct_leeds_baby_shopIndy Red

recaro_zero1_car_seat_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopCarbon Black

Recaro_zero1_car_seat_Baby direct_leeds_baby_shopRacing Red

Recaro_zero1_car_seat_Baby direct_leeds_baby_shopPower Berry

Recaro_zero1_car_seat_Baby direct_leeds_baby_shopPerformance Black

Recaro Moza Nova 2 IS seatfix

 TEST WINNER: Stiftung Warentest gives overall grade 2.0 (6/2013)

One seat for children from the age of around 9 months to 12 years (9 – 36 kg), 

Additional safety and energy absorption as a result of the highly advanced impact shield (only for ECE group I).

The RECARO Air Circulation System (ACS) ensures that air circulates freely for greater comfort and well-being

Depth-adjustable headrest which holds the child’s head securely when he or she is sleeping. The child’s head does not fall forward and leave the protective headrest area of the seat.

Eleven-way adjustable headrest (with height scale) to ensure the perfect fit.


Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shop

Recaro Young Sport Hero

9mths – 11/12 years 9 – 36kgs

SAFE – Innovative HERO Safety System
– Shoulder paddings, belts and headrest form one unit
– No slipping or twisting of belts makes buckling in easy
– Extra padding on the shoulder straps prevents further injuries in case of     a frontal crash    Advanced Side Protection (ASP)
– Lateral energy absorbers reduce forces in case of a side impact
– Protective foam in hip, shoulder and head area

 FLEXIBLE - Particularly long usage
– Installation with the car’s 3-point belt (Group I-III)
– Integrated 5-point belt for additional safety (Group I)

 COMFORTABLE - Perfect seating ergonomics thanks to automotive        moulded foam
– Innovative belt clip for easy fixation of the seat in the car
– Insert cushion offers more stability for smaller kids
– Breathable fabrics ensure best air circulation

Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shop

recaro_car_seats_baby_shop_leeds_baby direct

Recaro Monza Nova 2 SeatFix

 9 mths – 11/12 years, 9 – 36kgs

Fits in to the car using Isofix, can also be fitted with the 3 point seat belt

Extra stable antistatic side pads reduce crash-generated forces to the head, neck and shoulders by up to 30%

Additional foam padding protects the side and head areas

Extra firm armrests for even greater protection in the event of a side impact

Headrest adjustable in depth: prevents the child’s head from falling forward while sleeping

Innovative RECARO Air Circulation System ensures that air always circulates freely, resulting in a pleasant seating climate.

RECARO Sound System with integrated speakers and MP3 player connection

Height of headrest adjustable in 11 levels

Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shop

Recaro Monza Nova 2

 9 mths – 11/12 years, 9 – 36kgs

Extra stable antistatic side pads reduce crash-generated forces to the head, neck and shoulders by up to 30%

Additional foam padding protects the side and head areas

Special crash and ventilation slots in the side wings

Extra firm armrests for even greater protection in the event of a side impact

Headrest adjustable in depth: prevents the child’s head from falling forward while sleeping

Innovative RECARO Air Circulation System ensures that air always circulates freely, resulting in a pleasant seating climate.

RECARO Sound System with integrated speakers and MP3 player connection

Height of headrest adjustable in 11 levels

Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shop

Recaro seats are available in the 8 colourways shown below, except Mona Nova 2 SeatFix doen’t come in Power Berry.  The  Privia, Optia and Optiafix which are only available in the old colourways.

Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shopAluminium Grey

Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shopPower Berry

Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shopCarbon Black

Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shopDakar Sand

Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shopIndy Red

Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shopPerformance Black

Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shopRacing Red

Recaro_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_ west yorkshire_baby_shopXenon Blue

silver _cross_leeds_baby direct

Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat


The Simplicity car seat is compatible with all of our modern prams. Simply click the car seat on to your pram chassis and your travel system is ready to go! Add the Simplifix base for the ultimate in-car safety system. Available in seven fantastic colours, including black – so you can create your own style to contrast or match your pram.

Silver Cross_baby direct_Leeds. west yorkshire

Silver Cross_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopSand

Silver Cross_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopSky Blue

Silver Cross_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopSilver

Silver Cross_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopVintage Blue

Silver Cross_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopVintage Red

Silver Cross_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopVintage Pink

Silver cross_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopHenley

Silver cross_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopEton

Silver cross_car_seats_baby direct_leeds_baby_shopExpedition

Car seat accessories that we sell at baby direct

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car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

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car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seat_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seat_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seat_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seat_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop

car_seats_leeds_baby direct_baby_shop